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Oregon based and willing to go anywhere

this is why i love what i do

My job is to capture the real and natural you. I want each photo to look authentic and true to who you are. I try to fill each session with as much fun and laughter as possible. 



"Jessica was fantastic to work with from start to finish. Waking up to a downpour of rain was the last thing I wanted to see the morning of our shoot, but Jessica assured us that our photos would come out even better because of it, and boy was she right! I had fun dancing and laughing with my boyfriend in the rain and Jessica's camera captured all the excitement. We aren't models by any means, but Jessica gave us plenty of prompts and suggestions to make us feel comfortable. The rainy day vibes perfectly capture the PNW scenery and helped us become a better focus in all the photos. These pictures are now the first thing you see when walking into my living room!"



"Jessica took my boyfriend and I’s pictures, and she was wonderful to work with. Our pictures turned out amazing and we had a lot of fun. It was our first time getting our pictures done together and she made us feel super comfortable."



"Jessica is an amazing person to work with. She is creative, easy going, and has always made me feel comfortable being in front of the camera. I will be doing more shoots with her in the future!"


My mission


Hey guys! First, I want to say I'm here for any photography adventure you’ve been dreaming about. You want to hike miles to get the perfect view? I'm down. You want to go run in the ocean? I'm absolutely down! You want to sit and eat a burrito with your best friend? I'm 100% down, and that's the best idea yet!


Here’s a rundown of how it usually goes: we chat, we schedule a day, we meet up, I make you spin around, touch the ground, run, jump, and move in weird ways you never thought you would. You'll give me some confused looks and then I'll tell you, "Trust me, it will look good in the photos." My goal is to get the real you to come out, and that's when the magic happens.


If you're someone who loves getting your photos taken, awesome! If you're someone who thinks they're awkward in photos and doesn't know a thing about what to do, I got you! Growing up, I was never comfortable in front of the camera either. But together, we can turn your picturesque dreams into exactly what you have in mind!

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Have questions?

If you have questions or are curious to know more, please sed me a message. I look forward to talking! 

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